School Transport

The academy has two new dedicated bus services, which are now successfully running, and we encourage parents to use these services wherever possible The cost of the bus is only £1.60 each way.

Daily or weekly tickets are available. This will ease traffic around the academy, develop independence in our young people and is more environmentally friendly.

Routes and Timings

The gate at the top entrance will be open from 7.50am and pupils will have access to the canteen until our new library facilities are completed. All pupils should enter via this gate in the mornings.  

When dropping off and picking up please insist your daughter uses the zebra crossing. Although this may involve a short walk, it minimises the risk of your daughter or yourself getting knocked over. 

If you have a daughter in the older year groups please consider parking further away, asking your daughter to walk and meet you. This will allow our younger pupils to be picked up by parents closer to the academy.  

Finally, a polite reminder not to park in the bus bays or on the zigzags outside. You risk a fine from council wardens or prosecution from the police. The bottom car park (opposite the academy) is available for pick up and drop off.